Relic Hunters Zero

by mark on 08|10

Game and Source Code released (2015)

A free, open-source game about shooting evil space ducks and space turtles in the face with tiny cute guns. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and feels delicious and smooth to play.

I got together with good pal and Behold Studios colleague Betu Souza to build this game in about 3 months in our spare time. I coded and designed the whole thing and constantly disagreed with Betu about how the space duck faction should be named (Ducan Dinasty is totally better than Duckan Dinasty, right?).

What I’m most proud of:
The flow of the combat. I really like the use of cover, range and ammunition giving this game a more tactical approach instead of the usual hectic, reflex-based gameplay of top-down shooters.

Most valuable lesson learned:
I’ll learn when it’s released =)

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