by mark on 08|25

Released (2015)

Multiplayer story game inspired by the poem “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg. Developed with 5 other people for Ludum Dare#33.

Loveless by Rogue Snail

A social experiment disguised as a game, developed with the biggest team I ever had in a game jam (total of 6 people). It was really hard to create a story-based game during a Jam, but also a very enriching experience. Ingrid and I wrote a story that lead up to a decision, but the ultimate outcome of the story would only be known after all the decisions from every player in Ludum Dare were taken into account.

What I’m most proud of:
This was my first game jam made in Unity, and I was the sole programmer (until Abraão came in to do the multiplayer backend), and we completed it! That alone was an accomplishment for me!

Most valuable lesson learned:
Story design works best if you quickly iterate, preferably with two writers bouncing back and forth. This process was the one true reason why Ingrid and I were able to pump out such a huge amount of text in such a small time frame.


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