Game Development

  • Our Ludum Dare Entry is “Loveless”


    I made a multiplayer non-linear story called “Loveless” alongside talented friends Betu Souza, Ingrid Skare, Hugo Vaz, Dan Oliveira and Abraão Santana. Here’s the Ludum Dare page with the game link. Or just go straight to the WebGL browser version; It’s about 20-30 minutes l

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  • Help Us Translate Relic Hunters Zero to Your Language!


    Hello hunters from around the world, Beta v0.2 has recently introduced multiple language support! In line with the game’s open, free and collaborative nature, we have a very simple way for anyone to help with translations! Do you want a Japanese, Italian, Russian, Polish, ANY version of the game?

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  • How to make your own gun in Relic Hunters Zero


    Hello boys and girls. As you probably know since you’re reading this, Relic Hunters Zero is an Open Source game – which means you can start making your very own stuff with it right now! To help you get started, I have created this beginner-focused tutorial in which I’ll walk you th

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  • Relic Hunters Zero Open Source: How to Download and Use


    Hey internet, As of today, we are releasing the Relic Hunters Zero project files to the world. This is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see what you will come up with! So first things first: let’s learn how you can download the project, as well as the free version of Game Maker Studio, [&helli

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  • Game Feel Tips III: More On Smooth Movement


    Hey game designers on the internet, I have received many messages about my previous Game Feel article, and it turns out that something that I thought was very simple and obvious is not really the case. I guess that it’s just too hard to make your case about game feel with just words or a […

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