Game Design

  • Reality Check: Game Design and Empathy


      Creavity, logic, problem-solving skills, sense of humor, knowledge of probability, statistics, systems theory, information hierarchy, storytelling… the list of desirable game designer traits seems like something out of Da Vinci’s CV. “But what is the single, most important thing for a g

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  • Quick Design Tips: Finding the Core Gameplay


    Hey internet! Sometimes I feel like I write articles that are needlessly wordy, so this week I’m gonna try something more compact. Does this get the message across? Or are you hungry for more detail? Let’s give it a spin: When I’m tasked with designing a new system (such as Chroma Squad’s ta

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  • Game Feel Tips III: More On Smooth Movement


    Hey game designers on the internet, I have received many messages about my previous Game Feel article, and it turns out that something that I thought was very simple and obvious is not really the case. I guess that it’s just too hard to make your case about game feel with just words or a […

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  • Constraining The Space of Possibility


    In this week’s article I’m going to talk about the smart use of constraints for player choice. I’ll provide you with a quick view on space of possibility, the challenges involved, and some good and bad examples from other games. Constraints Are Good For You Game design is primarily choice desi

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  • Game Feel Tips II: Speed, Gravity, Friction


    Hey internet, There are many things that make me sad. I’m a sensible, empathetic man, so it’s easy to ruin my entire week with a picture of a limping dog or a story about that day when you were a little kid and your balloon went flying away forever into the endless blue sky. But […]

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