• Star Vikings: Balancing Randomness, Pacing and Space of Possibility


    Soon I will be shipping Star Vikings, my fourth major commercial release. As always, I try to look back and think about what I have learned and if any of that could have any value for the game design community at large. Designing this game has been a very interesting experience overall, but the use

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  • Difficulty Levels And Why You Should Never Use Them


      We have been using difficulty levels in our games ever since they left the bars and arcades and invaded people’s living rooms. Old Atari games often had “A / B” difficulty switches that allowed for challenge adjustments on the fly, as the overall design mindset turned from “eating qua

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  • Our Ludum Dare Entry is “Loveless”


    I made a multiplayer non-linear story called “Loveless” alongside talented friends Betu Souza, Ingrid Skare, Hugo Vaz, Dan Oliveira and Abraão Santana. Here’s the Ludum Dare page with the game link. Or just go straight to the WebGL browser version; It’s about 20-30 minutes l

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  • Relic Hunters Zero is go!


    Hunters, the time has come! Relic Hunters Zero is available right now for free on Steam! Go get it, have a blast with single player or co-op modes and remember: you can mod it, you can hack it, go in the forums and check it out!

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  • Relic Hunters Zero Announced + Greenlight


    Our new game Relic Hunters Zero has just been announced as is on Steam Greenlight =)    

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