• Relic Hunters Legend first Alpha in 2018


    Hey Hunters, We wrapping up development for 2017, and before the year is through I want all of you in the Relic Hunters community to be as excited as we are for 2018! I guess the best way to do that is to share detailed plans for the Alpha next year. I’ve been talking a […]

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  • Level Scaling in Relic Hunters Legend


    Hey Hunters, How are you all doing? This week I wanted to talk with you about a very sensitive subject in the RPG genre: level scaling. Keeping Players Together First of all, a bit of context: here at Rogue Snail we have a few core design principles that we use when making decisions on Relic [&helli

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  • Endgame activity concept: Item World


    Hey Hunters, how are you all doing? Today I wanted to try something a little different: talk about a system that is barely out of the drawing board, and could be one of the things that you will be doing as an endgame activity in Legend. We are still a long way from implementing the […]

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  • PayPal Payments for our Kickstarter!


    Hey Hunters, You can now use PayPal for your Kickstarter pledges during our last week!   Hunter Tier – $20 INCLUDES: Closed Beta Access (Est. Q3 2018) – Steam Key Exclusive KS Backer Badge Founder Badge Access to Beta Kickstarter-Exclusive Forums and Discord Your Name in the Credits

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  • Relic Hunters Free-to-Play Manifesto


    With Relic Hunters Legend, we want to help fix Free-to-Play games. We are inspired by great and honest free games such as Path of Exile and Warframe. We want to do our part in showing that “free” and “good” can go hand-in-hand. One of my game design idols, Richard Garfield, wrote “A Game P

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