Hello, person from the internet!

My name is Mark Venturelli and I design games under the name “Rogue Snail”.

You could say it’s a pseudonym of sorts, so people totally chat me up on the street like “how’s it going, you mollusc rascal?”. Except that it doesn’t sound quite right because sometimes I get handsome and cool friends together to make games and we all do it under this name as well. So you could say Rogue Snail is like a studio and I’m the CEO. Except we have no offices, and I’m not really sure of what a cee-eee-oh actually does. Which makes it definitely an indie brand, wild and carefree, both middle fingers firmly raised in a rude salute to the man. Unless you count that one time when I sold out to the evil black Swedish tower that is Paradox. Or was it two times? Anyway, this is my place on the internet, my name is Mark, I make games, and let’s just leave it at that.

So, are you one of those techno geeks with spreadsheets?

You could say that! I’m from Brazil, I’ve been designing games every day for almost 10 years now and I’m still not addicted to it.

Besides making games as “Rogue Snail”, I co-founded Critical Studio and created charity event Super BR Jam. I also collaborate with other lovely people such as Behold Studios in Brazil. I have an accidental Bachelor’s in Communication, as well as an unlikely Master’s in Design.

If I were you, I would check my games out by clicking on the confusingly-labeled “Games” link above.

If you want to talk, hit me up at venturelli@roguesnail.com or check out the Contact section.